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Químicos CAS526-83-0 99% Ácido D (-) -Tartárico

Informação básica

Modelo:  lf010

Descrição do produto

Código: 2809209000 Eficácia: Promover Nutrição Tipo: Adoçantes Cor: Branco Pureza: 99.5% Pacote de transporte : 25kg / Drum Origem: Anhui, China Embalagem e Entrega
Packaging Details: 25kg /drum
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment
White crystalline powder or white crystal
Chemical Name
2S,3S-Dihydroxy Succinic acid
Molecular Formula
Structural Formula
Molecular Weight
Assay(as C4H6O6 )
99.0% Min
Loss on Drying
0.5% Max
Heavy Metals (as Pb)
10mg/kg Max
Melting Point
Specific Rotation
Residue on Ignition
0.1% Max
3mg/kg Max
D(-)-tartaric acid is an important chiral pool of 4 carbon atoms. With the rapid development of chiral pharmaceuticals, chiral additives and chiral auxiliaries, D(-)-tartaric acid is more and more widely used in pharmaceuticals and food industry. It is also used as chiral pool or resolving agent for chiral synthesis. 
When D(-)-tartaric acid or its derivatives is used to resolve amino acid, it has some advantages such as high reaction speed, high resolution ratio, and during the period of resolution, the dynamic process can be controlled and can oblige the amino acid to transform to the target configuration. So the yield always reaches 80%. Furthermore, D(-)-tartaric acid is easy to retrieve after resolution. The optical purity of the product is high and e.e% value can reach 99.9%.
In addition, D(-)-tartaric acid has also been widely used in synthesizing and manufacturing many kinds of chiral food additives including the resolution of a new functional nutriment -- L-carnitine, and some chiral pharmaceuticals.
25kg net weight in Cardboard Drum or according to customer requirements
Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.

Grupo de Produto : Sorbato de potássio

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